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These big red buses immediately won the love and popularity among the inhabitants aec regent of the British capital for many years. An RT-series bus was featured in the James Bond movie, Live and Let Die. Seating Capacity: 56 (30 upstairs regent and 26 downstairs) Special features: Last ever RT in service. 6-litre aec regent diesel engine (except a aec minority with 7. The AEC Regent III RT was one of the variants of the AEC Regent III. SWT AEC Regent V single decker numberDWN) is the sole survivor aec regent of only eight such buses specially designed to pass under bridges with regent clearances as low as 9 feet in the New Dock area of Llanelli.

8-litre engine (a stopgap measure until the new 9. It could be fitted with AEC&39;s 9. It was a double-decker bus produced jointly between AEC and London Transport. The VKHs were great personal favourites. Bodied by Commonwealth Engineering of Granville, it was aec regent the prototype for a further 358 AEC Regent IIIs delivered between 19. It had a wheelbase of 15ft 6 1/2in and was fitted with a new design of AEC 6-cylinder petrol engine of 6.

The AEC Regent III (also known as Regent 3 or Regent Mark III) was a type of aec regent double-decker bus chassis manufactured by AEC. The AEC Regent III RT (RT-type) was first built in 1939 and was designed for & by London Transport. Introduced in 1929, and designed by the famous J.

The Regent V had aec regent AEC&39;s own frontal design and concealed radiator as standard, It was fitted with an AEC engine or Gardner 6LW engine, coupled to a synchromesh or AEC Monocontrol semi- regent or fully-automatic gearbox. Despite officially being a new type it was very similar to the 1929 Regent. From Wikipedia, regent the free encyclopedia The AEC Regent II was a front-engined double-decker bus built by AEC from 1945 to 1947. It was the last version of AEC Regent series double-decker and was the successor to the AEC Regent III (not the AEC Regent IV underfloor-engined double-decker bus, which never entered production). AEC Regent may refer to any of the following double-decker buses : AEC Regent I, 1929 model. 792 was the first bus delivered with the revolutionary pre-selector transmission, an early semi-automatic gearbox. When was aec regent v built? Also kept at the Dover Museum although aec regent a working vehicle rather than preserved is the following: GJG 757D AEC Regent V with Park Royal H40/32F ex East Kent.

The origins of AEC go back to the London General Omnibus Company&39;s B-type motor bus of 1910. The Regent IIs were all documented as being new with the A173 (also known as the 7. CORGI OOC LONDON TRANSPORT AEC REGENT II-97814.

The AEC Regent V was a front-engined double-decker bus built by the Associated Equipment Company between 19. An AEC Regent III, as a 1950 version, makes its appearance in the film The Mummy Returns. Registration Number GTJ 692 this AEC Regent III, one of a batch of six with Park Royal aec regent H30/26R bodywork, undergoes a tilt test at the PRV Works on the 9th May 1947. Blondie, Duffy, Ed Sheeran and Little Mix are among the aec regent hundreds of music celebrities and VIPs who have been onboard. See full list on tractors. For this batch Devon General specified the 9613A type, which had a longer chassis (3) and a crash (constant mesh) AEC gearbox (A). .

Its four-bay body resembled that of the conventional Roe body exhibited at the 1937 Commercial Motor Show, though the overall impression of modern design and the features included marked a big step forward. AEC aec regent Regent is an ancestor of the classic London double-Decker bus, known as "dabldeker". aec regent Presenting its derrière is an EYMS AEC Regent V of the VKH-registered batch aec regent delivered in 1956, its Willowbrook body featuring the Beverley Bar roof profile.

Three RT buses (RT2240, RT3882 aec regent and RT4497) were rebuilt into a triple-decker vehicle (known as the Knight Bus) for a Harry Potter film: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. GJG 739D AEC Regent V with Park Royal H40/32F ex East Kent, painted in Sealink contract livery. Related titles should be described in AEC Regent, while unrelated titles aec regent should be moved to AEC Regent (disambiguation). Regents in various forms remained in production until 1968 when AEC ceased production of double-deckers, having no rear-engined model aec to offer the market. double-decker bus AEC REGENT 5, ROUTEMASTER 1966 FULLY RESTORED CURRENT MOT. · aec regent Miniature Bus Corgi Aec Regent V Ipswich Corporationscala 1:76.

Live and Let Die (film) The AEC Regent III was a bus used by London Transport in the 20th century. Tour Bus double Decker 16 berth MAN Sleeper bus. While the chassis was on trial, a new body aec was constructed at London Transport&39;s Chiswick works. aec regent London Transport ordered 338 (later cut to 150) chassis which were in production when the war aec regent broke out in September 1939. Cliff Richard drives an RT-bus in the 1963 comedy Summer Holiday. What is aec regent iii? 1962 AEC Regent V For Sale by Auction, £0 Imperial War Museum Duxford, 14th OctoberAEC Regent V Estimate: £20,000 - &poun.

The main visual differences were: 1. Join me for a very melodic bus ride aboard green London Transport country area RT1700 (KYY 527) on service 339 in connection with the Epping Ongar Railway an. Rackham, the AEC Regent double-deck and aec regent single-deck buses became particularly well known in regent Ireland as they plied their routes around the countryside. Although not all were in service aec at the same time. · 1950 AEC Regent III RLH Double Decker Bus A unique opportunity to own a piece of history. Picture Information.

The two largest groups of vehicles Provincial had during its independent days to 1969 were AEC Regents and Guy Arabs. Published on This video combines footage fromand features a number of the classic AEC Regent V&39;s at various events over the years. 1950 British Double Decker bus up for auction.

438 (ZH 3937), one of the 1948 imports costing £3,879 was one of three double-deckers that worked between Dundalk and Newry for nearly twenty years. 6-litre was available) and aec regent air-operated pre-selective gearbox. The bodywork aec was constructed by contractors rather than by London Transport. 3 因意外而退役的AEC Regent五型 2 其他 3 圖集 4 註釋. A Jotus AEC Regent ST – Tillings Livery Route 146a 1:76 scale highly detailed model – the real thing is a bit aec regent bigger and in our museum. It became Morecambe & Heysham No. It was the aec regent standard red London bus during the 1950s, with a aec regent total of 4,825 buses built aec regent for London Transport.

It is almost at the end of its journey, and will shortly turn left into Hull’s famously draughty bus station. Watch out for a couple of rarities, no. as well as the more widely used roofbox) although the rear one was removed and the route number joined the &39;via&39; points in the main display.

The front route number remained above the top deck windows (known by some as the lighthouse box. In Live and Let Die, James Bond and Solitaire steal a Regent III, which is operated on the fictional island of San Monique. 7 and was finally withdrawn in September 1966. The AEC Regent III RT was a variant of the AEC Regent III.

aec regent The prototype (London Transport RT 1) was built in 1938 with AEC&39;s 8. Some RT-type buses were built for operation outside London, such as St. It was mainly built for operation outside London and the overseas. Opens image gallery. AEC Regent aec regent 1: Body: aec regent Thomas Tilling H27/25RO: Engine: aec AEC A145 7. AEC Regent III - RT624. the bus has been used as advertising regent prop aec regent for the last few years.

The lower edge of the cab window forward of the driver&39;s door and the lower edge of the driver&39;s windscreen were. Brakes were now vacuum rather than air. This article covers the AEC Regents of mark&39;s one and two delivered new or acquired second hand by Provincial during the period. It was mainly built for operation outside London and overseas. 1 litres capacity.

The AEC Regent commenced production in 1929 along with the Regal single-decker. The ultimate (narrow) destination blindwas now located just above the driver with the via blind (wide) between the ultimate and the top aec regent deck windows. It passed to CIE with the rest of the GNR fleet on 1st October 1958, acquired aec regent a CIE logo and aec regent parliamentary lettering, and was withdrawn at the aec end of 1967.

7-litre ones), &39;Wilson&39; preselective epicyclic gearbox (except for a minority with crash. An AEC Regent can be seen in the music video for the Madness single aec regent ‘Cardiac Arrest’. 1 Prototype 2 Pre-war production vehicles 3 Post-war production vehicles 4 Knight Bus 5 See also 6 References 7 External links The prototype (London. Devon General duly placed an order during 19 AEC Regent IIIs to the new width, which arrived in 1951 (DR646 to 659; MTT 646 to 659).

AEC Regent五型(AEC Regent V),九巴稱之為麗晶五型或九龍半島大霸王,是英國AEC(Associated Equipment Company)生產的半駕駛艙式前置引擎雙層巴士,也是AEC Regent系列的最後一員。香港只有九巴曾經使用AEC Regent五型巴士。 1 巴士車隊 1. 7-litre) engine and a four speed sliding mesh gearbox. Introduced in the late 1930s, production ceased during the war, but was started again afterwards. The first aec series of two-storey Regents appeared on the streets of London in 1929. The aec regent AEC Regent III (also known aec regent as Regent 3 or aec regent Regent Mark III) was a type of double-decker bus chassis manufactured by AEC which superseded the AEC Regent II. Thus bodied, RT 1 entered service in July 1938 as ST 1140, even though it was nothing like a standard ST vehicle.

AEC REGENT mark 1 The Regent first made its appearance in the autumn of 1929, bearing model number 661. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The new vehicles were built to a modified version of the regent pre-war London Transport design, but were similar in appearance to their predecessors. It carried a secondhand open-staircase body previously carried on Leyland Titan (fleet number TD 111), dating from 1931. It was the last version of AEC Regent series double-decker and built as the successor of the AEC Regent III (not the AEC Regent IV underfloor-engined double decker which never entered production). The AEC Regent – ahead of its time.

It differed from the pre-war London regent examples in having a body built by Weymann, though the cab area was very similar to the London vehicles. The AEC Regent II was a front-engined double-decker bus built by AEC from 1945 aec regent to 1947. The last of the batch, RT 151, did not reach London Transport until January 1942. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The AEC Regent II was a front-engined double-decker bus built by AEC from 1945 to 1947. Single servo mechanically operated brakes were fitted, whilst the gearbox was of the 4-speed sliding aec regent mesh type. What is AEC Regent 438? 4 litre petrol with manual gearbox: Vehicle Classification: ST: Date into service: 1930: Date of. Finding a satisfactory British substitute for aec regent the German air compressor, bought aec regent from Bosch, was to cause problems for AEC, once war broke out.

. The only other RT-type chassis constructed before the end of the war was destined for Glasgow, originally intended to be an exhibit at the 1939 Commercial Motor show, but cancelled due to the outbreak of war.

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